Active Ingredients

30 mL of liniment contains :

dl-camphor 0,9000g
l-Menthol 1,6200g
Methyl Salicylate 1,5840g
Thymol 0,1500g
Mentha oil 0,0300g
Tocopherol acetate 0,0300g
Nonylic Acid Vanillylamide 0,0036g

50 mL of liniment contains :

dl-camphor 1,500g  
l-Menthol 2,700g
Methyl Salicylate 2,640g
Thymol 0,250g
Mentha oil 0,050g
Tocopherol acetate 0,050g
Nonylic Acid Vanillylamide 0,006g








For relief of aches and pains associated with :

simple backache neck pains and stiff shoulder

sprainsbruisesmuscle pain 


For External use Only.

 stop using if irritation occur.

 keep out of children. If swallowed, get medical help
or contact a doctor right away.

 do not use on wounds or damaged skin, eyes, mucous
  membrane and mouth.

 do not use directly under the nose.

 do not use for children under 5 years and baby.


take off the cap and apply to the affected parts by rolling
  gently over the area.

close the cap tightly after using.

Other Information :

avoid direct sunlight and fire.